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Meet Fresh , Gurney Plaza, Penang @ Refreshing sweetness

This shop has ceased its business.

Feel like your tongue is craving for some sweetness?

Meet Fresh - a place you may want to visit :)

Meet Fresh at Gurney Plaza

Famous for its taro balls with herb jelly dessert, the 3 of us ordered the same thing! which is the signature cold Meet Fresh dessert (a.k.a. 208 because of the number marked on the menu).

It has a cute concept where the staff will pass you a device during the order and you wait with it at your table. When it lights up and vibrates, you collect the desserts at the counter. Good concept so people won't be jamming at the same place waiting for their desserts.

The device

After just a few minutes of waiting, ta da!!!!!

Our 208 dessert! Contains taro balls, herb jelly, blended ice and sweet syrup, with a small container of milk.

Meet Fresh 's signature cold dessert (208) with milk ~ good!

Taste: 7.5/10

Price: RM6.90

To conclude, Meet Fresh is definitely a good dessert place to go when you are craving for some sweetness in your mouth. However, I think Snowflakes is better :P No offense to Meet Fresh and Meet Fresh fans out there!


LOT 170-03-59A & 60, Gurney Plaza

Persiaran Gurney,

10250 Penang, Malaysia.

XOXO, Lam <3

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