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Cozy in the Rocket @ Georgetown, Penang.

Cozy in the Rocket @ Georgetown, Penang.

Cozy in the Rocket is situated right at the corner of Beach Street and Armenian Street, and quite unnoticeable I would say. We nearly gave up looking for it until I suddenly spotted the cute little entrance (after 2 - 3 rounds of passing -.-). So people! Take the shop next to it as a benchmark to locate Cozy in the Rocket as the signboard is more obvious comparatively - it is called Tai Hin Chan co. S/B and the signboard is yellow colour. To make life easier, it is diagonally opposite China House!

Anyway! We were happy that we were not disappointed =)

The entrance of Cozy in the Rocket.

The view once you enter the cafe.

Their one and only menu board and you order from the counter.

Cute way of putting the cuttleries

Time to snap snap while waiting for the food.

Lime Longan Juice

Brownie with ice cream

It is unique with its crunchy texture.

Pork ribs home-made pasta (Linguine) in tomato sauce

Delicious dish, especially the homemade pasta ~ yum yum!

After finishing the first plate of pasta, it was so good we decided to order a second one. This time we went for the homemade pasta as well but different flavour.

Beef Bolognese

As delicious!

Overall, like its name, it is a cozy little artsy place to dine in and relax. A MUST TRY. I am definitely going back there to try out other dishes.

Cozy in the Rocket

262 & 264, Lebuh Pantai, Georgetown Penang.

+60 12 496 7838

Opening hours : 10 am - 5 pm

Closes on Mondays

Yours Truly,

Lam Lam <3

A day in *Universal Studio Singapore*

A day in *Universal Studio Singapore*

Tokyo Restaurant @ Butterworth, Penang.

Tokyo Restaurant @ Butterworth, Penang.