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Haven Harbour Cafe @ Chime Heritage, Georgetown Penang

Haven Harbour Cafe @ Chime Heritage, Georgetown Penang

Officially opened in 2014, Haven Harbour has since been seen on various social media platforms of people around me. I have always wanted to visit them but I didn't managed to make a point to go. Finally, my friend and I decided to go there for lunch last Thursday.

Haven Harbour employs a cozy and modern furnishing. We were brought to the upper storey for our dining which opens up to a brighter environment. There were teddy bears sitting on the chairs waiting for us to cuddle them and board games are available too.

The menu has quite a wide selection of food from starters, soup, pasta, burgers, desserts etc. We ordered Cream of Tomato, Seafood Bouillabaisse, Garlic White Wine pasta, spicy wings and truffle fries (Yes, call us gluttons! lol!).

Seafood Bouillabaisse was good. The seafood were fresh and the soup was flavourful - thumbs up!

Cream of tomato is quite good as well. It is more on the sour side and is pretty appetizing. If you fancy sour taste, you would probably like this.

We were happy with the truffle fries. We could taste the hint of truffle oil in the fries and they were sprinkled with salt and parmesan cheese, tasty! However, I guess the salt was not shuffled well that day hence there were a few times we bit on 'salt mines', lol! I am telling you so do make sure you sprinkle off any excess salt on the fries before putting it in your mouth.

Spicy wings were served with homemade barbecue sauce and parmesan cheese. I reckon it tasted alright but would be better if the sauce was less thick. The barbecue sauce tasted pretty strong and I felt it was too much after a while. However, this solely depends on individual preference. I am not a heavy sauce person so this is not to my liking.

As for the garlic white wine pasta, the spaghetti was cooked al-dente, however the pasta sauce was a disappointment as it tasted very bland. The aroma of white wine and garlic was not present. I suppose this dish requires some improvements.

Although there were some hiccups during my dining experience with Haven Harbour, I would still like to go back to try their other exciting dishes. Nonetheless, it is a very good hangout spot.

Haven Harbour can be found amongst the famous, buzzling Nagore Square. It is conveniently located at the corner of Chime Heritage Building on Jalan Bawasah. You won't miss this cafe as there is a big, beautiful mural painting at the side of the cafe. Parking is available at Nagore Square car park down the road.

Haven Harbour Cafe

21, Jalan Bawasah, Georgetown 10050, Penang.

For reservation: +6 04 226 6508

Opening hours: Thursday to Tuesday - 11am - 11pm (opens on Wednesday if it falls on a public holiday)


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