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Places to eat in Koh Lipe Thailand

Places to eat in Koh Lipe Thailand

Being a foodie, we were very happy to explore some good food during our recent trip to Koh Lipe Thailand. We were there for 4 nights and every night our tummies were bloated with all the delicious food. Let me list out what we have eaten on this amazing island.

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Payaya Mom @ Walking Street

We randomly passed by this seemingly home restaurant on our first night and thought of giving it a try. Contradicting to its name, I see many bananas and mangoes at the fruit stall instead, haha! We ordered our favourite tomyam prawn soup, pork neck slices and stir-fry water spinach (kangkong), and shared a fresh coconut juice. As a Malaysian who can eat spicy, we reckoned the soup could be more spicy but it is understandable as they were probably trying to cater to foreigners' taste bud. I would expect the pork neck to be more moist and tender, the one we had was a little bit dry but the accompanied sauce saved the world. We enjoyed the water spinach as it was fragrantly fried but its coconut was a bit too old and the coconut flesh was too hard to dig. Nevertheless, it was still a very enjoyable meal.

Sunrise Beach Restaurant

For travelers staying on Sunrise Beach, this restaurant is one of the best picks for meals. Sitting on soft powdery white sand, Sunrise Beach Restaurant offers a beautiful sea view to their guests. This restaurant opens as early as 9am for breakfast and serves an all-day menu with a mixture of Thai and Western delicacies.

I had the best Pad Thai here and if you enjoy the sourness in Thai food, their lemon steamed fish will satisfy your taste bud.

Lemongrass tea

Best Pad Thai I have eaten so far!

Lemon Steamed Fish

Green Curry Chicken

On The Rocks @ Serendipity Beach Resort, Sunrise Beach

What's better than dining above the waves with amazing views overlooking the beach and surrounding islands? You can enjoy this at On The Rocks restaurant & bar at Serendipity Beach Resort. This restaurant opens for non-hotel guests as well. Service was expected to be impeccable in this upscale resort and food quality was impressive. We particularly love their Tomyam soup which its level of spiciness was adjustable to suit personal preference. Be adventurous and try their jungle curry pork belly which promises a unique taste experience. We had a great dinner here and would definitely come back again when we are in Koh Lipe next time.

Tom Yam Goong (prawn)

Seafood glass noodles salad

Jungle curry - a Burmese influenced medium spiced curry without coconut milk

My all-time favourite: stir-fried morning glory (water spinach)

Dessert: Serendipity Sundae

Street Food

You can find a variety of street food along Koh Lipe's main street - Walking Street. During this trip, we sampled their pork butter (highly recommended!) and sausage, as well as the Thai banana pancake. The crunchy golden skin with warm and soft banana filling, drizzled with sweetened condensed milk makes it so yum! Not to forget the best coconut ice-cream I have tasted, with free-flow toppings, woot!

Pork butter and pork sausage

Pork butter - I think I can have A LOT of this!

Pork sausage

Madame Yoohoo Thai Pancake

Coconut Ice Cream

You can find this coconut ice cream stall towards the end of walking street. It is located at a corner where there is a turning. I am sorry I forgot to take a picture of the stall but maybe you can try to guess by looking at the photos below. We love this ice cream so much we had it twice, haha!


Seafood is very common in Koh Lipe and is also one of the famous food to have here. You will see an array of seafood restaurants along Walking Street with all the tempting seafood display.

It was after dinner and being an ultimate foodie, we were not going to call it a night for our tummy. So we were strolling along Walking street and spotted this seafood restaurant, Fino with very huge prawns! Initially we thought it would be a little overkill to take in one large prawn after a full dinner meal but after much contemplation, we succumbed to temptation and ordered one prawn for each of us. It was the best choice ever! The freshness and sweetness of the prawn left us speechless, absolutely satisfying! I did not regret at all for adding a few more pounds to my weight that evening. The prawns costed THB800 in total (THB400 each). Well, not cheap I know but for the size and eating experience, I think it is worth it.

This is me smiling excitedly before savoring the delicious prawn!

That concludes my foodie diary in Koh Lipe. I wish I had more days to explore the rest! I will make a trip to Koh Lipe again soon I hope and if you have any suggestion for food, do let me know! :)

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5D4N itinerary and guide to Koh Lipe Thailand

5D4N itinerary and guide to Koh Lipe Thailand

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