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Serendipity Beach Resort @ Sunrise Beach in Koh Lipe, Thailand

Serendipity Beach Resort @ Sunrise Beach in Koh Lipe, Thailand

There are not many upscale or luxurious resorts in Koh Lipe but Serendipity Beach Resort is one of them. Located at the south end of Sunrise Beach in Koh Lipe, Serendipity Beach Resort offers a serenity stay for its guests with its secluded beach and magnificent uninterrupted sea view. From Serendipity resort, Koh Usen is beautifully visible and that island is a snorkel site as well. Hotel guests can either kayak or snorkel to Koh Usen to chill for a day, and snorkel equipment and kayaks are available for the use of hotel guests.

Serendipity Beach Resort was our second stay during our trip in Koh Lipe. Our first stay was Akira Lipe Resort on Pattaya Beach. We were transferred to Serendipity from Akira via the motor-taxi arranged by Serendipity.

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During check in, welcome drinks were served and then we were escorted to our deluxe pool seaview room which was named Phong-Chompoo. With our first step through the door, we were delighted by the pool which overlooks the charming sea view. I was thinking to myself, "This is going to be awesome!". After a brief introduction by the staff about our room and its facilities, we were ready to unwind ourselves in the pool. But let me take a step back and show you our lovely room first.

Many thanks to 'Where to Float' for the lovely floats for me to play with in the pool! Do check them out as they have many kinds of pretty floats for rent for your next holiday! 'Where to Float' is based in Penang, Malaysia.

Breakfast was included and was served to our room's private balcony. We got to tick our choice of breakfast selections and our preferred breakfast time on a paper (given upon check in) and hand over to the reception by 5pm every day. Their breakfast quality was good and with hearty portion. And did I mention this resort boasts a very beautiful sunrise view as well?

As much as the resort is located in a rather secluded area, its distance to the main area is not that far. It takes about 10-15 minutes to Walking Street at a very relaxing pace, Pattaya Beach would be another 5 minutes away from Walking Street, and Sunset Beach can be reached either by a stroll along Sunrise Beach all the way from the South side (where Serendipity is) all the way to the North side, or 10-15 minutes from Walking Street. The whole island can be explored comfortably by foot in a day.

Sunrise beach at night - when we were walking back to the hotel after dinner

We really love this resort and everything is amazing - the room, the comfort, the views, the serenity, the beach, the hospitality... EXCEPT ONE THING! It would be an excellent stay if this 'thing' did not exist. THERE ARE TONNES OF MILIPEDES AND ONE COCKROACH IN THE SHOWER! As this resort is close to nature, it is understandable that insects or bugs are unavoidable. I first encountered the milipede during my first shower in the resort and I thought it was fine but having more milipedes in the shower really freaked me out. For the first night, we contacted the hotel staff and they helped us to get rid of the milipedes but they kept coming back for some reason; I guess its because of the damp environment. We had no choice but to kill them with boiling water (sorry, I know this may sound cruel to you but we couldn't bear the thought of milipedes crawling around when we take our showers). I informed the staff the next morning about the 'incident' when they sent in breakfast and the helpful housekeepers applied repellent in the bathroom during housekeeping. The milipedes were not totally gone yet but it was reduced by at least half the amount. Yes, it was as many as over 10-12 milipedes that we have encountered that evening. You can call me a scaredy cat or whatever but frankly, I think it is a bit too much to handle for a comfortable stay. It was also my first time ever feeling so uneasy to shower, lol! I am not sure if this happens to other rooms but my room, Phong Chompoo is apparently favourite to milipedes, ha ha! But jokes aside, I hope the management would look into this issue because this may affect the hotel guests' mood. 

Serendipity shares its beach with Ten Moons Lipe Resort which is just next door. Compared to the main beach area, its secluded beach is so much quieter and peaceful. We spent a day chilling by the beach and I absolutely love the tranquility. The white powdery soft sand and crystal clear turquoise blue water makes it a superb beautiful postcard picture. 

Washing area after the beach

Other than the accommodation and surrounding of the resort, the restaurant 'On The Rock Restaurant & Bar' is superb as well! I have included my dining experience in my 'Places to Eat in Koh Lipe' post so do check it out as well!

Reading corner

Isn't this the best place to relax with a glass of beer? 

I would recommend Serendipity Beach Resort to couples or honeymooners or any traveler at all who wishes to stay away for a romantic and quiet holiday. You can easily laze in the resort or the beach for the whole day and simply enjoy the serenity. If you are looking for a relatively higher-end resort or would like to splurge on your romantic or anniversary getaways, Serendipity Beach Resort could be a good choice for you.

Check out the best rate for this accommodation HERE!

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Sunrise Beach, Koh Lipe, Satun 10110, Thailand

Serendipity Beach Resort's website

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