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One night in Bangkok, Thailand

One night in Bangkok, Thailand

As I was traveling with Royal Caribbean Cruise, I only had one night in Bangkok so I have come up with a post to list out the places we visited in Bangkok overnight.

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We arrived Bangkok on Sunday and the journey from the port to Bangkok took us slightly more than 2 hours due to the heavy traffic on weekends.

When you only have 1 night to spend in Bangkok, a strategically located accommodation is very important as you want to save as much time as possible on travelling. We decided to pick Courtyard by Marriott as it is conveniently located in the city center, close to Erawan Shrine and Central World Shopping Mall, yet retains its peacefulness as it is located away from the main road. What’s better is this hotel offers free tuk-tuk service to Chit Lom BTS where you can link to other shopping malls using the pedestrian bridge. The rooms are spacious and comfortable as well with modern amenities and facilities. Our stay came with a wide spread of scrumptious buffet breakfast as well.

Accommodation: Courtyard by Marriott Hotel

Photo credit: www.akkys.net

Pedestrian bridge at BTS station

Chatuchak Weekend Market

As we arrived Bangkok on Sunday, the famous weekend Chatuchak Market is not to be missed. We went straight there after checking in our hotel.

Chatuchak Market opening hours,

Saturday & Sunday: 9am – 6pm ; Friday 6pm – 12am

Chatuchak is a very famous weekend market among the locals and tourists. There are plenty to see and shop, and one can easily spend a whole day here without realising.

We hopped into a Thai restaurant to fix our hunger the moment we arrived in Chatuchak. They serve authentic Thai food and I really enjoyed the meal. After a satisfying meal, it’s time to shop! We didn’t have much time left then as Chatuchak closes around 6-7pm. As a foodie, we decided to hunt for more food (A dessert after a full meal sounds like a good idea to me)! And there we were, hunting down food after food.

Central World Shopping Mall

After getting back to the hotel from Chatuchak, we didn’t let our shopping spirit down and visited Central World after checking in our shopping bags from Chatuchak. This 7-storey mall is the largest shopping centre in Bangkok, featuring many brands’ boutiques, high-tech gadgets, bookshops, beauty salons, gourmet eateries and even an ice-skating rink. I’d safely say this place will deliver your shopping fix in Bangkok.

Chinese New Year Decor @ Central World Plaza

Erawan Shrine

We woke up early the next morning to visit the famous Erawan Shrine before the crowd comes in. This Brahman temple (not strictly Buddhist) attracts more visitors than many of the city's temples. It consists of a golden status of four-faced Hindu god Brahma, named Than Tao Mahaprom. The status sits beneath a glittering canopy, surrounded by offerings of flowers, incense and candles. Unending worshipers pay respects from early morning till late at night and it is also common to see people bowing as they pass by bus, taxi or above by skytrain. Thais and even foreign visitors make ceremonial offerings in hope that their wishes will be fulfilled, and it is well known that Erawan Shrine is very auspicious and many those wishes were indeed granted. 

Erawan Shrine at night

Platinum Fashion Mall / Outdoor Flea Market near Central World

We wanted to shop at Platinum Fashion Mall (an indoor version of Chatuchak Weekend Market specialises in wholesale clothing and accessories) before the taxi (pre-arranged with hotel) comes to pick us up at 3pm, but failed (You will get to know why later on)!

To get to Platinum Mall, we have to take the tuk-tuk to Chit Lom BTS to get to Central World Shopping Mall, and from there walk to Platinum Mall. It should not be a long walk if we didn’t stop and shop along the way (ladies being ladies and we were trying to cross over to a shopping mall via another shopping mall, imagine that!).

Us in Central World, on the way to Platinum Fashion Mall (supposedly).

We thought we could finally head straight to our destination without wasting more time before coming to an outdoor flee market right outside of Central World. The ladies ended up being caught up at a stall which sells customized bags while the guys were food-hunting. After a lengthy picking and bargaining, we realised it would be too late to make the trip to Platinum hence we made our way back to our hotel for the taxi.

The ladies being too occupied with this stall, lol.

Although I did not manage to visit Platinum this round, I have been to the mall during my previous trip and I would recommend it for shoppers especially to those who buy in bulk because you get better prices. Visiting this mall is definitely doable if you have a longer day to spare and not stop at every shop like we did, lol!

Platinum Mall is just behind the Novotel building and the white canopy on the right is the flea market

Bangkok is a city of contrasts with action at every turn and definitely a shopper’s paradise with a sea of malls and markets. This blog post only records my time spent in Bangkok overnight but Bangkok has so much more to offer and to be explored; I am sure it will bring you a lot more excitement when you spend a longer time there.

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