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The Memory Lane Retroactive Museum & Cafe @ Jalan Service, Penang

The Memory Lane Retroactive Museum & Cafe @ Jalan Service, Penang

The Memory Lane is a new ‘mufe’ (a creator’s word which stands for museum and café) in town, featuring an interactive museum with a café inside to evoke the feelings of nostalgia. Adopting a retro concept, the purpose behind this uniquely designed mufe is to retain the feel and taste of the older days in Penang. The owner of this mufe said he wishes this place would allow older generations to share their stories with their next generation and show them how the lifestyle was like living back in their olden days.

Thank you The Memory Lane for hosting us that evening.

This mufe is located along Servis Road with an old-fashioned, cinema-like entrance design, which also adopts the concept of ‘under the tree’ and ‘Goh Kaki’. Stepping into the mufe travelled me back in time and brings back memories. The setup of the café is a replica of those olden days’ café back in the 1960s-70s, heavily using vintage furniture and decoration.

They have a working jukebox that works with Thai Baht. But you are able to exchange THB with MYR at the mufe.

All carbonated drinks are packaged in classic bottles.

Tambun biscuits and Penang Kopi 'O' for sale.

A mock-up hotel to add in the old-school feel.

Walking further inside, more seating were found along a narrow lane that resembles the old school streets.

Drinks are served from a ‘kopitiam’ while food is prepared at the open-air kitchen.

The retroactive museum is located upstairs and is scheduled to open in May (2017).

My biggest interest goes to the 'kedai runcit’ aka 'chai diam ma' aka sundry shop where I found all kinds of things from sweets to comics to toys that remind me of my childhood. The good news is certain items are available to purchase!

Home-cooked comfort food like what your grandma would cook is their main approach on food.

We got to sample some during the pre-opening and they were hearty and delicious.

One of the highlights, which the big poster is also showcased at the entrance would be the ‘Ah Gong / Ah Ma’ breakfast set which costs only MYR1.00 and MYR2.00 respectively. This special promotion which is going to last for a month, is only available to the first 100 customers per day only from Monday to Friday, 730am – 930am. So make sure you rise early for a hearty breakfast.

The Memory Lane is still evolving to bring in more classical taste and concept. Moving forward, there will be a ‘lorong’ (small lane) beside the ‘mufe’, which they plan to have different old-school activity such as making dumpling or glutinous rice balls, or making ice-kacang in different month.


32, Jalan Service, 10050, Georgetown Penang.

+6 04 229 3232


The Memory Lane Mufe's Facebook Page

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