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5 AMAZING (and less traveled) waterfalls in Iceland!

5 AMAZING (and less traveled) waterfalls in Iceland!

Iceland is a country of many amazing waterfalls. Iceland waterfalls are perhaps the country’s most recognizable series of attractions. They are everywhere! Speaking of waterfalls in Iceland, the powerful and wide river-type monsters like Gullfoss, Dettifoss and Godafoss, or the classic type such as Skogarfoss and Seljalandsfoss are the must visits as they are very easy by car right next to the road. However, I am not going to talk about these famous ones; instead I am going to list out 5 beautiful yet comparatively less-traveled spots.


1.     Bruarfoss

I would say this is a waterfall that you have to earn as and it is hidden and not easy to find. Bruarfoss is a hidden gem located in a summerhouse neighborhood, between Geysir and Thingvellir Park. It adds up to a good trip when you are traveling the Golden Circle. Many would struggle their way to get here so did I. But we were lucky to find someone who directed us to our aim after some clueless rounds in the summerhouse area. However, I have some directions with clearer detail which I found online.

Directions to Bruarfoss:

From Reykjavik take road 1 up to Mosfellsbær. Turn onto road 36 to Þingvellir. From there take road 365 to Laugarvatn. Turn onto road 37 in the direction to Geysir. Cross road 355. About 2-3 kilometres after you crossed road 355 you will reach a large summer house area on the left side. Take the third road into this area (all other roads are blocked with gates) and drive straight ahead. Follow the gravel road until you reach a bigger path with two tracks. Turn left and drive for a few minutes until you reach the end of the road. There you will see a small area where you can park your car and follow the little foot path right over the small bridge (shown in pictures above). Once you cross the bridge head to the left and stay on the trail. Walk for 5-10 minutes on this path and you will arrive to Brúarfoss.

Even the journey is beautiful already! Loving the autumn colours!

What I saw was terrific! I was fascinated by the thousands of small waterfalls running into a deep blue gap and the blue of the water is just beautiful.

Isn't this amazing?!


2.     Aldeyjarfoss

This waterfall is considered one of the most impressive ones that I have come across during my trip. Aldeyjarfoss is located close to Godafoss in the Icelandic highlands. Most people only stop at the elegant Godafoss along the Ring Road, but I would recommend the boring 2-hour detour drive off the beaten track to admire the unique ‘architecture’ of this waterfall.

The interest of this waterfall, is that it is framed with long, natural basaltic columns, similar to the famous Svartifoss in the Skatafell park. I personally think Aldeyjarfoss is more fascinating with different shapes and layers in the rock walls. What’s more beautiful is the water flows into a narrow passage before dropping 20 meter into a wide basin of turquoise blue.

The weather was misty when we were there and it actually created a mysterious yet heavenly view.

Do take note the waterfall is indicated on F-road (4WD only) but it is possible to drive almost all the way up to it.


3.     Dynjandi

This must be the most unique waterfall that I have encountered during my trip. Dynjandi is a hidden waterfall in Iceland’s remote Westfjords, and is known as the jewel of the Westfjords. It took us 6 hours drive from Akureyri, yes I am serious, but it was more worth it than ever as we were accompanied by Northern Lights along the way in Westfjords. It was already pitched dark when we arrived and we only heard the thunderous sound of the waterfall. We went to sleep, anticipating the view for us when we wake up.

We were mesmerized by the majestic bridal veil like waterfall, which widens up from 30m on the top to 60m at the bottom.

Dynjandi is a collection of seven cascades resembling a tiered wedding cake, with a cumulative height of 100m drop. Each of the seven sections of the waterfall has an individual name corresponding to it. There is a man-made path leading up to the waterfalls and quite a climb to get up to Dynjandi. On the way up are these smaller waterfalls before reaching the main tier at the top.


4.     Glymur

Glymur was formerly regarded as the tallest waterfall (198m) in Iceland before being out-beaten by another waterfall in Vatnajokull Glacier (200m). Nevertheless, its gorgeousness still earns many attentions. This waterfall is not visible from the road so doing the 4 hours round-trip hike is the only option to marvel this amazing waterfall.

The hike up to Glymur is interesting and exciting despite it is not an easy hike, which should only be attempted by those not daunted by heights or challenging hikes.

I could not believe I would cross a river on a log, climb up a rocky hillside with only a rope for balance, or walk narrow pathways with terrifying drop offs to see an amazing waterfall empties into a giant, beautiful canyon. I would say the reward is well worth the time and effort.


5.     Sigoldufoss

A beautiful waterfall in the Highland of South Iceland. We came across Sigoldufoss during our day trip to Landmannalaugar. This waterfall is one of those strange beasts in the Icelandic landscape that has been transformed by an enormous engineering project in the process of building a hydroelectric power plant. I was captivated by the turquoise blue water which gives the waterfall and its environment an extra charming look. It became a beautiful little natural wonder with the green vegetation and the cliffs and the canyon. If you are making a trip to Landmannalaugar or the highland area in South Iceland, this waterfall is worth a stop.

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