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Bird's Nest Delicacy @ Armenian Street, Georgetown Penang

Bird's Nest Delicacy @ Armenian Street, Georgetown Penang

Bird nest lovers must not miss out on this place which sells everything that is made of bird nest, with pretty affordable price tags (that's always the best part, isn't it).


This outlet is located in Georgetown Penang, along the buzzling Armenian Street where cultures and heritage sites are gathered. It does not have a clear signage at its entrance indicating wordings of 'bird-nest' or such, other than a board showing traditional Chinese words of a surname. 


A private room catered for family or big groups

As all the tables were full on the ground floor, we were brought to the upper floor (shoes have to be removed in order to dine on the upper floor). The interior is decorated with antique furniture, giving a touch of the old days and a cozy ambiance.


The menu is pretty simple with 10 choices of dishes made of bird nest, from desserts, pastries to porridge. They have some extra items which are only available on Sunday. If you prefer to have just the bird-nest soup instead of bird-nest dessert, pre-order is required (at least 3 hours in advance).


Complimentary Chrysanthemum tea for every table.


MYR 8/pcs ; MYR 30/set (4 pcs)

I love the egg tart! It is soft and fragrant - a MUST TRY!


MYR 15/pcs

Bird's nest jelly is refreshing. The sweetness is just nice.


MYR 25/pcs

Bird's Nest Mango Cake is also highly recommended! Very delectable!


MYR 25/bowl

The staff recommended us the Bird's nest bean curd pudding (taufu fa) which is off the menu. Absolutely made the right choice for its silky smooth texture.


MYR 25/bowl

The bird's nest golden glutinous rice ball is black sesame ball in bird's nest soy milk. It was good but didn't make us go crazy over it.


MYR 30/bowl

The one and only savory item on the menu - Bird's nest chicken porridge. The porridge was delicious and tasty. The accompanied soy sauce was definitely redundant.


Pamper yourself and make a visit to this hidden gem in town!



92, Lebuh Armenian, Georgetown, 10200, Penang

Opening hours: 11AM - 7PM , closed on Tuesday

Contact number: +6 04 251 9712

Ratings (please refer to my scoring system under the blog menu):

Food 8/10 | Service 4/5 | Ambience 2/3

Overall score: 7.8/10

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