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Travelling with Campeasy camper van in Iceland

Travelling with Campeasy camper van in Iceland

If you are planning to visit Iceland, I highly recommend you to travel Iceland with a camper van. We traveled in our cozy and comfortable camper van with CampEasy for 2 weeks in Iceland and I got to tell you road trip is the way to go in Iceland!

Camper travel in Iceland is ideal. It is a great way to explore Iceland and to marvel all it has to offer. Camper van gives you real freedom and full flexibility without the worry of hotel bookings, and everywhere you drive, you will find stunning scenery, ranging from black sand beaches to beautiful meadows and breathtaking glaciers. Besides that, an abundance of campsites all over the country makes getting in touch with Icelandic nature way easier.

In front of Faxi waterfall

Many friends were surprised when I told them I will be traveling and staying in a camper van because that is not my usual style of traveling. I do admit I took some time to adapt to the traveling style but once I got used to it, I loved the experience! And it's definitely an unique experience to share with your friends and family.

We got a Mercedes Benz Vito Auto from CampEasy and the car is spacious and smooth to drive. I would describe it as a portable mini house. One thing I like about our camper is CampEasy made it simple easy with all the in-built facilities and equipments. Not forgetting the in-car WiFi that made our trip so much easier with navigation of map and we were also able to stay connected with our loved ones abroad. Its unlimited mileage is also a plus point which allows us to explore Iceland to the fullest!

For the extra accessories, I'd highly recommend the inverter to charge your phone, camera, computer and etc. If you have many devices to charge at the same time, you may consider to bring along a multi-plug adapter with you. GPS is another important accessory that you do not want to miss out so you don't get lost in Iceland. We also got the premium insurance package to be totally covered from gravel, sand and ash and theft etc. We were also given a BBQ with table and chairs but the weather was too cold and didn't allow us to utilise it. For campers who are visiting Iceland in summer, it would be ideal to enjoy BBQ meals with the fantastic sceneries Iceland can offer!

As mentioned earlier, the car space is very spacious. Not only it can accommodate 2 sleepers (after simple conversion), our luggages were able to fit in as well. I forgot to take a picture of our configuration but I will try to explain here. When we slept, we pushed each luggage to each corner of the car, leaving the space in between for us to sleep and it wasn't squeezey at all, and our legs could stretch all the way. There is a heater in the car to keep us warm but we switched it off before we went to bed as we figured it could be quite dry to leave it on all night. Bed linens, pillows and duvets were provided as well so sleeping bag isn't required, easy!

With the space and WiFi on board, if the rain hits and you don't feel like going out, you could just stay in the car and relax, read some books or do some work. It is all up to you how you want to feel cozy.

Just me chilling in the car :)

A very frequent question I got was, "Where do you shower and answer nature's calls?". Our camper van did not come with a toilet and shower so we got to look for those ourselves. It wasn't difficult at all as there are many campsites around Iceland where you can use their facilities like shower, toilet, kitchen or washer. However do note that you may need to pay a small fee on top of the camping fee for the shower and washer. There is, however, a sink in the car for you to brush your teeth, wash your face or wash dishes. Another thing to take note is, there are more campsites open during summer compared to winter season. You may want to check the location, dates and availability on visiticeland.com or campingiceland.is. Road signs for campsites are also very clear and as long as you follow the direction, you won't miss your way to one of the campsites.

Woke up to this view, isn't it awesome?! @Seljalandsfoss campsite

Hofn campsite

One of my favourite! Woke up to Dynjandi waterfall, what more could I ask for?

Campeasy came with a portable stove, a complete set of pots and pans, and kitchen utensils, hence making cooking easy on our camper van. We cooked our own meals on most of the days and it was quite fun. Eating out in Iceland is expensive and cooking doesn't seem to be missing out a lot because the produce and the groceries we bought in Iceland is very fresh. A simple cooking would already make a delicious meal. In Campeasy office, there is a corner where you can pick up things you need or want from previous drivers and leave the items that you don't want to take with you there after your trip. I appreciate this idea as it will greatly reduce unnecessary wastage.

Delicious pork chop cooked by Chris!

Breakfast with view? :D

Here are some driving and camper tips which I think are useful for you.

  • Iceland adopts right-driving and borderless driving
  • Highway speed limit is 90km/h
  • Gravel roads speed limit is 80km/h and can get very bumpy at times because of the pot holes
  • Westfjords is known for its challenging route but it is fun and beautiful
  • I personally reckon East Iceland has the most scenic drive (autumn colours everywhere)
  • F roads are ONLY accessible via 4WD vehicles
  • You will come to a junction where two lanes from opposite directions merge into one (look out for the sign and slow down before you come to the junction). There is no specific rule on which car should pass first. Just be courteous!
  • There are small reflectors on the highway for night driving
  • Head lights must be on at all times, even during day time, as the weather could change every 5 minutes
  • If you need to dry your clothes, putting them on the car heater outlet does a wonderful job. My damp clothes from the washer were dried before I even realised it
  • Look out for this sign  for places of interest along the way
  • You may also want to get some plastic bags and rubber band to store and tie loose items or food in the car when it is moving

If you are looking for a rental camper to travel in Iceland, CampEasy is your choice. We enjoyed travelling in it very much and will definitely do it again when we return to Iceland next time. Not only their cars are in good condition, they are reasonably priced as well.

The attached short video will give you a clearer picture of the campervan. Don't forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel! :)

You may book your camper or visit CampEasy website for more information.

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