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Da Jie (大姐中国私房菜)Chinese Restaurant (Sichuan Cuisine) @ Pulau Tikus, Penang

Da Jie (大姐中国私房菜)Chinese Restaurant (Sichuan Cuisine) @ Pulau Tikus, Penang

Calling out SiChuan food lovers! You are about to embark on a delicious SiChuan food journey with us! 😋

Ever since returning from Melbourne, I have been missing the awesome SiChuan cuisine I had there and I definitely like the fact that the restaurant was just below my apartment in Melbourne! How I looooveee my effort for traveling the distance for good food 🤔.

Anyway! With the emerging business of SiChuan Cuisines in Penang, I had yet to find one that captivated my tastebud or close to the one I tasted back in Melbourne. Well, not until I found out about Da Jie (Sister Cook) Restaurant (hereafter mentioned as 'Da Jie') which mainly serves authentic Sichuan food. And guess what?! This restaurant is also located near my house in Penang (I could literally walk there) on Cantonment Road (next to Markus Restaurant), woohoo💃🏻!

There is no English wording on the signboard hence for those who do not read Chinese, you got to recognize these words (mainly the first two) to find this restaurant - 大姐 中国私房菜. To be frank, this restaurant has been around for a while but I never really pay attention to it. I mean, yea I did know its existence, its just, I didn't have the urge to go in (probably due to its simple and not so outstanding exterior.....🙄).

So there was one day, I saw my friend posted a very seemingly delicious pot of pickled fish (it's called 酸菜鱼 in Chinese and I hope I have translated it well, lol) on Instagram story. I asked her where was it and she said its Da Jie Restaurant. According to my friend, Da Jie serves one of the best SiChuan food in Penang. I went, 😮 Reallyyyyy???! Yeah, this tells us we shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Since then, I decided to pay them a visit one day.

This day has come and we went to Da Jie for lunch. The restaurant is bright and cozy with a few tables. It took us some time to decide what to order as the menu selection was pretty extensive. While waiting for the dishes, we were given some peanuts (cost RM2 per plate - you can reject if you don't want it). Unlike the braised peanuts or canned peanuts we usually have in Chinese restaurants, theirs were roasted peanuts and were very aromatic. It did add some points on the impression marks.

One of Da Jie's signature dishes - Spicy pork knuckles (金牌辣猪手) did not disappoint at all. Generous portion of pork knuckles were covered with preserved mustard sauce and some dried chilli, giving it some hint of spiciness. It was delicious and I would say this dish is perfect to go with white rice.

I can never describe my love for pork intestines! And I think I declared my love for it in my Hong Kong Food Tour post too. Just the thought of it already made me drool! The hot intestine pot (干锅回肠) comes with a fire pot underneath to retain its heat or wok hei. The fragrance of chilli combines with the pungent taste of the intestines, heavenly!

Cucumber Salad (拍黄瓜), which is a cold dish, was crunchy and refreshing with hints of sweetness and sourness. This dish helped to stimulate our appetite and could be addictive!

The star of the meal had to be the pickled fish pot (酸菜鱼) because it was the biggest pot of all dishes. Despite the generous portion, we managed to wiped it clean! This dish was delicious and the Tilapia fish (金凤鱼) was very smooth and silky. The kick of spiciness and sourness in this dish makes it absolutely appetising. You could also request to adjust the level of spiciness and sourness if you want it to be closer to authentic SiChuan taste. The real deal is much more spicier but it is understandable they try tune it to better suit local's taste. Trust me, it is still as good and unless you are a spicy-freak, you may not be able to withstand the real-SiChuan-spiciness-kick 🌶🌶🌶.

All in all, I am impressed with Da Jie Restaurant and I highly recommend this restaurant. The food presentation may not look the best but the taste definitely tells otherwise. It's probably the best SiChuan food that I have tasted in Penang so far. I cannot wait to go back to try out more dishes!


Food 8.5/10 | Service 4/5 | Ambience 2/3

Overall score: 8/10

Da Jie Chinese Restaurant (SiChuan Cuisine) - Managed by Sister Cook Sdn. Bhd.

📍 37E, Jalan Cantonment, 10350, Penang.

Opening hours: 11am - 3pm ; 5pm - 10pm daily

Contact number: +60 4 228 2377

Visit 大姐 Sister Cook's Facebook Page!


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