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Dessert Paradise ~ Penang's First Float-Theme Cafe [a collaboration with 'Where to Float']

Dessert Paradise ~ Penang's First Float-Theme Cafe [a collaboration with 'Where to Float']

Here comes a new cafe in Penang! This cafe is a collaboration with 'Where to Float' which is a swim float rental company from Penang. Dessert Paradise is the first cafe in Penang which fully uses cute swim floats as their main theme. This novel idea and concept have drawn many attentions, especially for girls and kids, not to mention a photography heaven for girls as well.

*Thank you [Dessert Paradise x Where to Float] for the invitation*

When I arrived at Dessert Paradise, I was warmly welcomed by the unicorn and flamingo floats which were sitting at the entrance, haha! The decoration in Dessert Paradise quickly made me feel me like a kid again. I was very excited to see many beautiful floats nicely arranged in the cafe and there is a photo corner (filled with floats) as well! From the entrance to the last inch of the cafe, you get overwhelmed by all these cute and pretty floats around.

I wasted no time to snap many beautiful photos while waiting for the food to be served, heehee!

As the name suggested, Dessert Paradise is often being misunderstood that they only serve desserts. No doubt it is a paradise for dessert, this cafe serves delicious main courses and snacks too. Other than this, they are also serving one of my favourite tea brand - Harney & Sons.

As a 'pork-free' cafe, instead of roti babi (a traditional Penang Peranakan dish, somewhat like a loaded french toast), the chef gave it a little twist and made roti ayam (chicken). The minced chicken was nicely seasoned and was stuffed in the crunchy golden toasted bread. I was surprised by my first bite which oozed the savoury meaty goodness inside. I really love this dish.

The Christmas Big Platter is indeed a huge one. I would recommend having at least 2 or 3 people to share this platter, depending if you are a big eater. The Christmas Platter consists of cheesy wedges, homemade cheesy chicken meatballs, nacho chips, fried chicken and Spaghetti Bolognese. This Christmas Platter is only available in the month of December but the individual dishes are available in the a-la-carte menu. I would describe their food as comfort food which is hearty and tasty. The Spaghetti Bolognese somehow stroke me with a nostalgic feeling - the taste of the sauce is something that you can only find at home. My brother fancied the homemade cheesy chicken meatball especially the sauce that goes with it. He nearly wiped the plate clean, haha!

Next up was the Chicken Burger - another hearty piece. The chicken meat is tender and succulent, and is a good portion size. Shoe string fries and coleslaw are served together as side dishes.

I was excited like a kid when the 'Dirty Milkshake' was served. We had coconut milkshake topped with chocolates, waffles, marshmallows, ice-cream cone, donut etc, creating a colourful mess. I bet this is going to be every girl's favourite drink!

We had their Christmas month special for dessert - 甜蜜蜜之塔 (Sweet pyramid). Waffles are topped with 4 scoops of ice cream (vanilla, mint, chocolate, strawberry), accompanied with watermelon, banana, chocolate biscuits and marshmallows at the side. If you are a dessert lover, you will be hanging a big smile on your face for this.

Dessert Paradise changes their special dessert every month so do check out all the different desserts!

All in all, great comfort food with good service, and an awesome place to bright up your mood!

The chef who made all the yummy food!

Dessert Paradise is location on Lorong Amoy in town. Google Map or Waze would be the best way to find your way there (just key in Dessert Paradise). There are street parking available.

If you are going for a vacation, don't forget to check out their partner - Where to Float for some fancy floats to add joy and colour to your holiday!

These photos were taken during my getaway in Koh Lipe with the fun floats.


27 & 29, Amoy Lane, Georgetown Penang, Malaysia.

For enquiries or reservation: +6 016 410 7610

Business Hours: 11am - 10pm (closed on Monday)

Dessert Paradise's Facebook Page


For enquiries: +6 012 516 6758 / +6 012 531 5014

Where to float's Facebook Page

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