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ENFD (BRCH) @ Immigration Road, Georgetown, Penang

ENFD (BRCH) @ Immigration Road, Georgetown, Penang

"ENFD is a down-to-earth dining space located in the heart of Penang passionate on ambitious and experimental local flavours."

This is what's written on ENFD website and I couldn't agree more.

ENFD, which stands for Enfold, aims to 'surround and envelop' people through good dining experience. Unlike other restaurants, ENFD adopts a low key profile where no signage or any notice is seen at the entrance. Hence, do look out for a green house numbered '6' on Immigration Road when you are looking for the place.

I was a little surprised when I stepped into the restaurant as I did not expect the interior to be so simple, basically just 2 long tables and chairs, which could accommodate approximately 10 diners comfortably. Behind the dining area is where the magic happens in their private kitchen. The design is not fancy but somehow brings out a raw and rugged touch. Most importantly I felt very cozy with the space which is ideal for small talks and engagement among friends and family.

Due to limited seats, reservation is highly recommended though walk-ins are fine too.

The private kitchen where the 'magic' happens

We had quite a hard time deciding what to order from the brunch menu as everything seemed very interesting! I could already tell from the menu that my palette was going to go through an exciting journey.

Beverage menu

Appetizer: Onion Soup

The onion soup was tasty and flavourful with a hint of white wine. The layer of nutmeg infused cheese added extra creaminess to the soup yet balanced the richness with the subtly sweetness and tanginess from the nutmeg. Crunchy bread sticks were served at the side to add in a different dimension of texture to the whole dish.


Main Course #1: Pork Schnitzel

The pork schnitzel was artfully presented on a wood cutting board. The crispy pork was beautifully done and served on a bed of slow-roast garlic cauliflower puree. The pork was delicious to be eaten on its own, drizzled with the grilled lemon juice, or dip it into the accompanied spring onion lime aioli. I could also taste hints of (which I believe was) basil in the pork and a slight tingling sensation on the tongue (in a good way). Oh and I nearly forgot to mention its generous portion!


Main Course #2: Mee Rebus

If you are expecting a plate of 'mee rebus' where you could find at the mamak store, you thought wrong. ENFD creatively improvised their version of mee rebus using tomato pasta tossed in creamy pumpkin sauce. This creation was absolutely sinful yet delicious, and most importantly it brings out the flavour of mee rebus. This inspired local hawker dish is served with roasted cumin pumpkin slice and soft boiled egg. The concoction was wonderful and the accompanied lime juice helps to cut off its creaminess.


Drinks: Cold Brew w/ Milk (from Lunabar Coffee) | Lemongrass & Lime Tea

Lemongrass & Lime Tea

Cold brew w/ milk

The cold brew coffee is outsourced from Lunabar Coffee. I am no coffee drinker but my dining partner loved the cold brew to bits so I suppose it deserves a thumbs up. Lemongrass & lime tea was not bad either - sweetness was at the right amount and filled with aroma. If nothing on the beverage menu attracts you, I am sure their in-house infused water would. Instead of the common lemon infused water, ENFD plays with different ingredients for the infusion from time to time, and what we got that day was cinnamon infused water - cooling and refreshing!

ENFD changes their menu every 2-3 months so it is exciting and anticipating to experience their creative innovation of taste and flavour!

That's all for my BNCH (brunch) experience with ENFD | Stay tuned to my WKND (dinner) experience!


Food 7.5/10 | Service 4/5 | Ambience 2/3

Overall score: 7.5/10


No. 6, Jalan Imigresen, 10400, Georgetown, Penang.

Business Hours:

WKND (dinner) | Friday - Sunday | 6pm - 10.30pm

BRCH (brunch) | Saturday & Sunday | 11am - 3pm

Closed on weekdays

For reservation: +60 18 224 3624 / +60 12 237 2101

Visit ENFD Website


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ENFD (WKND) @ Immigration Road, Georgetown, Penang

ENFD (WKND) @ Immigration Road, Georgetown, Penang

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