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ENFD (WKND) @ Immigration Road, Georgetown, Penang

ENFD (WKND) @ Immigration Road, Georgetown, Penang

Following my awesome brunch experience at ENFD, I soon decided to revisit them the following week for the dinner experience.

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Starter: Clam Chowder

We ordered the Clam Chowder as a starter to share. The presentation of the dish was interesting as the soup was served in a separate teapot, while the ingredients were served in a rather shallow dish. We were supposed to pour the soup over to the shallow dish with ingredients and consume immediately while it's warm. The soup was delicious and tasty. The duck tumeric meringue added a touch of pungent and bitter flavour to the soup, and the edible jasmine flower brought the soup to another level of fragrant. Nonetheless the seafood - clams and mantis prawn were fresh, adding a sweet dimension to the soup as well.


Main #1: Duck A L'Orange Tart

I admit we had that moment of hesitation when deciding to order this dish. As we were going through the menu, we spotted a duck dish served with chocolate. Wait whaaaat. Chocolate? with duck? as a main course? I double checked I wasn't reading the dessert section and yes, it read DUCK A L'ORANGE TART and at the description tab, SZECHUAN & Citrus seasoned duck breast in CHOCOLATE tart w/ dark chocolate ganache, caramelised citrus carrot and brulee stone fruits. Now, SZECHUAN + DUCK + CHOCOLATE = ??? I wondered hard how would that taste like. I was feeling excited and curious at the same time about the dish and eventually, we decided to bring our palates out of the comfort zone.

The savoury duck mixed with the sweetness and earthiness of the dark chocolate created a new element of taste. However we couldn't taste any hint of Szechuan flavour. Despite the weird combination, they blend in well together surprisingly. There were small pieces of 'lap duck' (wind preserved duck) to give a dimension of slight saltiness to the dish as well. This dish did bring our palates to a new level. I can safely say this dish is meant for chocolate lovers. My dining partner felt a little chocolate-overwhelmed towards the end of the meal as he is not particularly fond of chocolate but it is surely a heavenly dish for chocolate lovers!


Main #2: Deep Fried Steak

I have had BBQ steak, grilled steak, pan-fried steak etc but not a deep-fried steak. I am a beef lover so I would not hesitate to order beef whenever I see that on the menu. I was delighted when the deep fried rib eye steak was served. The steak was beautifully coated with bread crumbs and deep fried to perfection, maintaining the redness in the steak. As much as the redness of the meat was beautiful, we were unsure if it was intended to be so raw. Some parts were even slightly cold. Our speculation was either the steak was still cold when they deep-fried it or the process was a bit too fast, in fear of overcooking the crumbs. Nevertheless, it was still an enjoyable dish and the portion was hearty. The side dish kerabu cuts off the richness from the meat and brings a balance to the palate.


Dessert: Sago

The only dessert on the menu that evening. Apparently it was said to be curry leaves and condensed milk soft-serve but we could not taste any hint of curry leaves in the soft-serve. The condensed milk flavour has probably overshadowed the curry leaves flavour. I must say the dessert was a bit of disappointment as we did not find it impressive, and the mixture of ingredients did not seem to go very well together. We thought it could be better.


Having tried both brunch and dinner menu at ENFD, we concluded that we preferred our brunch experience over dinner experience. Both their brunch and dinner deliver different experiences. Brunch is about experiencing Penang flavours with a fusion and modern twist, whereas dinner gives an unorthodox experiment of taste and flavour for those who are open and adventurous enough to try!

ENFD changes their menu every 2-3 months and we look forward to the next menu change!


Food 7/10 | Service 4/5 | Ambience 2/3

Overall score: 7.2/10 (for dinner experience)


No. 6, Jalan Imigresen, 10400, Georgetown, Penang.

Business Hours:

Dinner (WKND) Friday to Sunday 6PM - 10.30PM

Brunch (BRCH) Saturday & Sunday 11AM - 3PM

For reservation: +60 18 224 3624


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Bao Sheng Durian Farm @ Balik Pulau, Penang

Bao Sheng Durian Farm @ Balik Pulau, Penang

ENFD (BRCH) @ Immigration Road, Georgetown, Penang

ENFD (BRCH) @ Immigration Road, Georgetown, Penang