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Froghill Tasik Gelugor / Lombong Kampung Guar Petai / “大马九寨沟” @ Penang

Froghill Tasik Gelugor / Lombong Kampung Guar Petai / “大马九寨沟” @ Penang

An abandoned quarry in Kampung Guar Petai Penang and has very quickly become a popular destination for its awe-inspiring view; Froghill has attracted many tourists to come here for a photo-stop.

As a Penangite myself, of course I wouldn’t miss the chance to explore this paradise which was given a title “Jiuzaigou of Malaysia”.

I noticed there are several names for Froghill's location ie. Tasik Gelugor / Kampung Guar Petai / Guar Perahu / Lombong Guar Petai..... I am confused myself what is the difference of all the names. If you are reading this and know the answer, please leave a comment below 👇🏼🙏🏻

The direction to Froghill is not difficult though not the easiest. We found ourselves lost in the middle of a palm plantation following Google Map direction but soon discovered a way out then, luckily. Thanks to almighty power of search engines today, we managed to find the correct path to our destination.

(Alternatively you may use ‘Waze’ and I don’t know why it didn’t come across our minds then. Lol - Accuracy of map at your own risk though )

If you want to be on the safe bet and not end up getting lost like us, first pin ‘SNR WORKSHOP’ as your location on Google Map. Once you see the workshop, turn into the small road right beside/before the workshop (the workshop should be on your left). After you got into the small road, you can then search for ‘Froghill Tasik Gelugor’ on Google Map, or just follow the red mud road. You should then see a red brick factory on your right, just continue straight and you should then be able to see some views of the froghill on your left. Just go on until you see a space where you can park your car, then you are good to commence your Froghill journey!

The pictures below give you a good indication of the workshop's facade (Click on the images to enlarge).

Time for a carwash!

You will pass by a brick factory on your right.

You will have to climb a small hill to get a magnificent view from the top. It was a holiday when we visited hence the place was filled with people. Also, it is kind of expected to see crowd coming in during the afternoon. Hmm, not the best time to visit I reckon. And it was a bummer we couldn’t fly the drone as it was quite windy that day. We will be back next time for the drone footage and this time we will make sure its in the morning (so it's not so hot!) and when the sky is clear!

Let's go!

The view from the lower hill perspective - Wait till you go the hill! ;)

A few things to take note:

1)   It is recommended to wear sturdy or comfortable shoes for the climb as the path may be slippery due to the small stones and rocks.

2)   Be extra careful if it’s drizzling or after rain as the path may be even more slippery.

3)   I have seen photos of people cliff-jumping into the pond but my two cents, that is a dangerous act as you do not know how deep the water is and what’s down there. So it’s a no-no for me.

4)   It would be best to visit in early morning when the sun is not so harsh and stinging (also you get lesser crowd).

5)   Due to the nature of the location, there is neither any toilets in the vicinity nor any kind of shelter so bring along some wet wipes just in case and a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated.

6)   As the location is pretty secluded, it is advisable to NOT come alone.

7)   Be prepared to have your car tyres covered in red mud; worse after rain.

All in all, just have fun and take many beautiful shots there!

**Photo spam alert**


Please bear with me, just a few more I promise! Oh and kindly ignore my dirty pants, haha!

Till next time, paradise!

Google location:

Remember to pin 'SNR Workshop' instead to get to Froghill (refer above-mentioned) as Google may lead you to no-where based on our experience.

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Till next time~

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