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[Juice Cleanse Program] 3 Monkeys Juice, Georgetown, Penang

[Juice Cleanse Program] 3 Monkeys Juice, Georgetown, Penang

Recently, I was introduced to 3 Monkeys Juice (3MJ) Cleansing Program and I am delighted to share my 3 days juice cleansing journey with you all.

*Thank you 3MJ & The Salad Tree for sponsoring the program!*

First of all, let's understand what juice cleansing program is all about.

What is Juice Cleansing?

"Juice fasting, also known as juice cleansing, is a controversial fasting method and a detox diet in which a person consumes only fruit and vegetables juices to obtain nutrition while otherwise abstaining from food consumption" (Source: Wikipedia).

What does it do?

"Designed to reset eating habits, eliminate cravings and kick-start a healthy diet. It also helps your body to detoxify more efficiently with nutrients from vegetables and fruits" (Source: 3 Monkeys Juice).

How does it work?

I was given 6 bottles of freshly pressed juice daily, a lunch (salad) and a dinner, with some nuts to snack in between meals. As it was my first time trying out the program, 3MJ was kind to give me a bit of leeway by including light meals to my daily diet intake. So yea, if you are new to this and you are afraid you may not be able to get used to juice fasting in a short time, you can start off with some light meals + juice and then slowly work your way up from there. 

I was also given a recommended cleanse schedule for my reference. It is not necessary to follow the schedule exactly. You are free to tweak the schedule to fit your daily routines accordingly. However, it is highly recommended to follow the sequence of the juice to drink during the day which is stated in the cleanse schedule. Reason being, the juices are arranged according to our intake needs during the day. For example, Roots 1.0 and Nature 1.0 contain a bit of natural sweetness to help boost our body with vitamins, so they are usually recommended to replace meals during the day, while it is recommended to have Almond 1.0 last because it is filling and helps us to avoid taking supper.

My 3-day Juice Cleansing Journey

Let's move on to my 3 days cleansing journey. I will show you what I ate and drink during the 3 days. All the food and drinks were delivered to my house twice a day - morning for the juices and lunch, and late afternoon for my dinner.

Day 1

Succulent Chicken Caesar

Nutty Spiral

Day 2

My 6 bottles of freshly pressed juices + some almond & cashew nuts to snack on

Salmon the Omega Boost (Salad)

Teriyaki Chicken brown rice

Day 3

The Signature pear salad

Chicky Patty with mini creamy potato salad

Impression and Results

Firstly, I must say the food and juices were delicious and refreshing! I didn't go through a hard time during my cleansing program as what people would normally perceive - 'Healthy food is non-tasty food'. In fact, I enjoyed my diet for that 3 days and anticipated what was coming next in my meal. Some people may experience more bowel movements during the cleansing period but it was fine for me as my body is used to taking in fruits and vegetables regularly.

Secondly, during the 3-day program, I felt more hydrated throughout the day. I could feel an obvious difference as I may not have consumed as much liquid on my usual days as when I was doing the program comparatively. Other than that, I felt lighter and at the same time less tired compared to my normal days. I expect many ladies would ask me this ultimate question - Did you lose weight. To be honest, I did not keep track nor noticed any weight loss in myself. However, hubby did realize my waistline got a tad slimmer during that period so I suppose it is quite a bit of good news, haha! Well, I was trying out the program for 3 days only and I think 3 days were probably too short to observe obvious changes but I would say I did feel an improvement of living quality during my juice cleansing period. Determination is key and you must not give in to cravings if you want to achieve optimal results!

I would highly encourage everyone to try out this juice cleansing program for the sake of good health. In this modern era, everyone is busy working everyday, trying to achieve their dreams and success in life but have we considered the importance of our health? There is a saying, "You can only live wealthy when you live healthy". I would suggest a juice cleansing detox once a month as I am planning to do that personally. You may choose the number of days you wish for the program and if you find this program works well for you, there are also options for monthly cleansing program for your reference in the future.

3 Monkeys Juice / The Salad Tree

If you are interested in the juice cleansing program, you can purchase the juice cleansing program from 3 Monkeys Juice x The Salad Tree which is located on Siam Road, Penang. 3MJ and The Salad Tree work hand in hand and they operate under the same roof, with 3MJ works on the cold-pressed juices and TST works on the healthy food. To read about my previous dining experience them, click here.


Good news! In conjunction to the celebrations of Merdeka and their 3rd branch opening in Queensbay Mall this coming September, 3 Monkeys Juice is giving out discount to Cheryl Lam's readers! Enter this code "cheryllam15" during your checkout when you purchase from 3 Monkeys Juice's website to receive a 15% discount on any purchase! This promotion is valid from 1st - 30th September 2016 and is only valid for online purchase. Free delivery within Penang Island for purchase above MYR 50.00.


The Management reserves the right to vary and amend any terms and conditions without prior notice.

Happy juicing! 

3 Monkeys Juice Bar

74, Jalan Siam, Georgetown, 10400, Penang.

+6 04 218 9745



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