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Métisser Pâtisserie [Wine . Cheese . Dessert] event, Penang.

Métisser Pâtisserie [Wine . Cheese . Dessert] event, Penang.

Métisser is coming up with an interesting event which involves wine pairing with assorted cheese and four different kinds of petite dessert (Petit Four). Thank you Métisser for inviting me to the trial session of this event.

The moment I stepped into Métisser, other than the soothing ambience which attracted me, I was impressed with the elegant table setting. Wine glasses and tableware were pleasantly arranged in a formal way, leaving a very good impression.

The guests who attended that evening came from different background with different professions, and after a short introduction, the first wine of the evening was served. We started off with Chilean 'Marea Valle de Leyda' Pinot Noir. This is my favourite wine for that evening, the texture was smooth with a delicate, perfumed taste. The wine was followed by a cheese platter which consists of White Stilton Cranberry cheese, Tete du Moine and Applewood smoked cheddar. Grapes and almond nuts were served together as a palate refresher. The shop manager, Ying Sern professionally explained the different types of cheese and the way to pair it with the red wine before we excitedly dig in our plate. 

We had White Stilton Cranberry cheese (on the left), which is a dessert cheese as the starter. The sweet and crumbly cheese blends well with the great taste of succulent cranberry for a rich, fruity flavour. Next, we moved on to Tete du Moine, which was originated from Switzerland. It was served differently from most cheeses in that instead of being sliced, it was shaved. The flavour is somewhat strong and has a combination of spicy, a little bit of fruity, salty, beefy and even barnyardy taste playing around the palate. I tried eating it with grapes and the pungency just oozed out. The last cheese we had on the plate was Applewood smoked cheddar. Although it is called smoked cheese, it is not smoked but treated with artificial smoke flavouring, and doesn't leave a burnt aftertaste. It is fairly dense and has a light smoky flavour that balances very well with the paprika which was coated on the cheese. 

With our satisfied palate with the cheeses and wine, we moved on to our next glass which was the 'Trimbach Gewürztraminer'. It is a dry white with full, balanced and very aromatic notes of lychee, rose and ginger. This wine was meant to pair with the Petit Four. On the dessert plate we had Hazelnut Paris Brest, followed by Tarte au Citron (read: lemon tart) and Infinité de Litchi et Noix de Muscade (read: nutmeg + lychee dessert), and Opéra (read: chocolate ganache and coffee mousseline with almond) to end our palate. As usual, desserts in Métisser never fail to thrill me. The dessert sensation was absolutely satisfying. The pastry chef, Jeffrey always amuses me with his passion and creative ideas on desserts and pastries. We also paired the dessert with another wine called 'Tempus Two Blanc de Blancs'. This is a zesty and refreshing sparkling wine with concentrated fruit flavours of peach, passionfruit and green apple. It is very well balanced with the refreshing citrus finish.

By the time I finished my dessert, my face was glowing like a red tomato. I don't have high tolerance for alcohol and I tend to get Asian flush very quickly. Despite that, it was definitely an enjoyable session with purposeful conversations, laugher and more happily, making new friends! Bravo to Métisser and team for coming up with this awesome event!

There will be a rotation of the wine, cheese and dessert, meaning nothing is fixed on the menu. The wine, cheese and dessert will be paired perfectly to suit one's palate. Customisation is also available upon request. This event is not just about tasting quality food, it is also about learning new things each time and giving guests a whole new experience. Not only that, it is also a good opportunity to build some new and valuable network.

Métisser is starting the event this month and they will do one run once they have a minimum party of 8 pax. The wine, cheese and dessert pairing evening session is charged at MYR80.00 per person. Advance reservation is highly recommended.

Thank you again Métisser for the warm invitation and thank you Daniel Yee for the lovely photos!

Métisser Pâtisserie & Tea Room

140, Jalan Pintal Tali, Georgetown, 10100, Penang.

Business Hours: 2pm - 11pm (Thursday to Tuesday)

For reservation: +6 04 251 9739

Visit Métisser's Facebook Page

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