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How to stay connected with your friends & family while travelling in Europe!

How to stay connected with your friends & family while travelling in Europe!

With the advanced Internet era now, we all love to stay connected, don't we?

Imagine, you are traveling in Prague or Europe and would love to instantly share your epic journey with your friends and family on Instagram or Facebook; or you need to search for places to eat/shop where you are traveling in. BUT, you are overseas, and data roaming is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE to be utilised that way. So, what should you do?

This is when Mobile Wifi Europe comes into the light! I was happy I discovered this company which provides pocket mobile wifi. It certainly made my trip so much more convenient!

Reasons why you need a pocket WiFi device when you travel overseas:

  • To stay connected with your loved ones at all times
  • To navigate on map and avoid getting lost in a foreign country
  • To research on travel info eg. What to do / Where to eat etc.
  • To be able to share your journey on Facebook or Instagram from time to time

Note: This is a sponsored review but all reviews remain my genuine opinion.

Here are the reasons why you should chose Mobile Wifi Europe as your wifi provider when you travel in Europe:

  1. Very affordable and reasonable price, and I mean VERY

    • With just USD6 per day, you get basically everything you need, including delivery and the prepaid mailing envelope for the device. 
  2. Delivery on your door step or at the moment you arrive in the airport or train station!

    • The device was waiting for me at the airport when I arrived. What I had to do was to let them know my arrival date and time during the booking process and everything was taken care of, how convenient! 
  3. Unlimited Data Usage with 4G/LTE+ connection

    • Yes, you heard me right. Speed paired with unlimited data was superb! I didn't have to worry having to pay extra for my excessed internet usage and I could stream my dramas and movies, upload photos to Facebook or Instagram freely.
  4. Fast and stable connection

    • Connection was fast and stable most of the time during my travel. I did experienced some hiccups when the connection was relatively slower but still good overall. It very much depends on the location you are at.
  5. Customer service contact is within reach

    • Following the previous point, in case you experience any hiccups or problems with the device, you just need to contact them via Facebook Messenger or Instagram DM, and they will get back to you ASAP with a solution. EASY !
  6. Connect up to 10 devices

    • You save more if you are traveling in a group as the powerful hotspot is able to connect up to 10 devices at the same time. We were traveling in two so we have only experienced connecting 2 devices to the mobile wifi and it worked perfectly fine.
  7. Small and portable size

    • I really love the small size of the mobile wifi as I could just pop it into my pocket or purse and carry it around conveniently.
  8. Long lasting battery life and easy to charge with power bank

    • The WiFi device lasted us for about 6-8 hours, depending on the temperature (the colder it was, the battery tends to last for a slightly shorter duration). However, the device was easily recharged via a power bank.
  9. User Friendly device

    • The mobile wifi device was very easy to use. A long press on the button to switch on or off, and a short press to show the battery life and signal.
  10. Usable all over Europe

    • Another thing I love about Mobile Wifi Europe is it could be used all over Europe and I was able to stay connected for the whole duration of my vacation with the same device, without the hassle of switching to another local provider. The places I visited were Prague, Czech Republic, Austria (Vienna, Salzburg and Hallstatt), and Budapest, Hungary.
  11. Easy Delivery and Return

    • You would have known how easy the delivery was on point no.2 above, and return is as easy! Just insert the mobile wifi device into the prepaid envelope and drop it into any European countries' mailbox. As mentioned, the envelope is prepaid so you don't have to pay anything extra to return the device.

Small and portable size which is easy to slip into pockets or handbags.

Comes with a cable for easy charging.

Do take note the device is only collectible in Prague at the moment, but return can be from all European countries. Easy, just make Prague your first destination in Europe!

If you have not visited Prague before, I am telling you totally should and I am sure you will then want to revisit Prague anytime! I don't understand what is there not to love about Prague - stay tuned to my next post on where to visit in Prague!

Return can be made at any mailbox around Europe. For my case, I dropped it in the orange mailbox in Prague Airport upon leaving Prague, simple!

With such convenience with a pocket mobile WiFi, I cannot see any reason to NOT have it with you during your travels in Europe. I will definitely go back for Mobile Wifi Europe the next time I travel to Europe!

Do visit their website or social media for more information or book your device online!

*** There is a winter SALE going on now with ONLY USD4 PER DAY, what a deal!

Official website: mobilewifiprague.com

Facebook Page / Instagram Profile

Mobile Wifi Europe travels to Budapest!

Bonus Tip!!

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Till next time~

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