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[Preview] Penang Coffee & Desserts Festival | Aubrey's waffles . Arabica Estate

[Preview] Penang Coffee & Desserts Festival | Aubrey's waffles . Arabica Estate

Something exciting is coming to town soon! 

The long awaited Penang Coffee & Desserts Festival 2016 (PCDF) is going to take place from 12th August 2016 - 14th August 2016 (Friday - Sunday) at Gurney Paragon Mall's Atrium from 10am to 10pm. PCDF is designed distinctively to celebrate the blossoming of the vast varieties of exotic coffee, and to enhance and encourage the growth of the coffee and dessert industry in Penang. 

Coffee and dessert exhibitors with their innovative specialty blends and marvelous dessert making skills will be there to showcase and exhibit their newest products and services. Coffee and dessert lovers will have the luxury of being introduced to the latest products and services.

Along with the wonderful event, there will also be other interesting activities which include latte art competition, brewer's cup competition, coffee caricature, latte art sharing session, coffee sensory, dessert marking workshop, live music performance and many more! Aren't you excited already?

And that's not the end of the story. This year, The Food Truck Gathering Party will be joining in conjunction with the PCDF. This first of its kind gathering will feature food trucks from Penang and Kuala Lumpur that have a reputation for serving the most delicious food, or features the most unique aesthetics for the enjoyment of guests.

Various food trucks will be seen at the Kelawei Valet Parking of Gurney Paragon Mall on 13th and 14th August (Saturday & Sunday), from 5pm to 10pm. Everyone is welcome as this unique event aims to let visitors be spoilt for choice as they browse the various food trucks and enjoy the delicious food and drinks that are offered, under a pleasing and comfortable atmosphere.

We were very honored to be invited to preview Aubrey's waffles and Arabica Estate which will be participating in PCDF. Let's go through what they have to offer during this remarkable event.

Aubrey's Waffles

Aubrey's waffles is located in Gurney Plaza Basement-1, serving various delicious waffles.

Mango Sticky Rice Waffle

We were very excited to get a sneak peak of Aubrey's latest flavor - Mango Sticky Rice Waffle, which will be launched at the Food Truck Gathering Party on this weekend. I will not go into too much detail so to leave you some imagination but it sure is something good!

Besides that, you won't want to miss their special Pomegranate Ice Cream which will only be available during the event. I am wishing they would launch this in their outlets because I really love it! But for now, make sure you visit Aubrey's food truck on 13th and 14th August to get a taste of this special ice-cream! Trust me, you will not regret it.

Other than those new flavors, they will be featuring their usual waffles with Apple Crumble being my favourite!

Clockwise: Strawberry on Multi grain; Red Bean on Matcha; Vanilla oreo on brownie; Coconut on Mochi 

Apple Crumble Waffle

We also had the opportunity to get on the adorable mini truck to see how they make the waffles.

Now, let's move on to our next preview......

Arabica Estate

Arabica Estate is a cafe located at Kapal Singh Drive.

Top: Romeo ; Left: Mocha ; Right: Cappucino

We were invited over for lunch to preview what they will be presenting during PCDF. Arabica Estate will be taking up 2 booths at Gurney Paragon Mall's atrium to introduce their roasted Arabica beans, specialty coffee and coffee machines. On top of that, they will also be offering barista courses for beginner and intermediate students, and introducing their latte art championship which will take place a week after PCDF. If you are a true coffee lover and would like to know more, come visit their booth from Friday - Sunday!

Ice Matcha Latte ; Chi Chi ; Hand-brewed coffee

Baller Koffeez

I believe the Penang Coffee & Dessert Festival will be filled with fun and excitement with all the amazing participants and programs to delight everyone's appetite. Moreover, this event is highly endorsed by the Penang State Government and PCDF is honoured to create a spectacular experience for everyone!

Be sure to mark your calendar and make plans to come! See you there!


Event: Penang Coffee & Dessert Festival / Food Truck Gathering Party

Where? Gurney Paragon Mall / Kelawei Valet Parking of Gurney Paragon Mall

When? 12th-14th August 2016 / 13th & 14th August 2016

Time? 10am - 10pm / 5pm - 10pm

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