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Roots Dessert Bar @ The Museum Hotel, Penang

Roots Dessert Bar @ The Museum Hotel, Penang

Roots Dessert Bar is one of the latest addition to the dessert market in Penang, located at The Museum Hotel in Georgetown. This outlet's minimalism concept design contradicts the sophistication of the desserts they serve, which brings out not only taste, but a piece of art creation as well. Sweet-tooth or dessert lovers would be delighted to see the menu which mainly focuses on desserts and drinks with some snacks and salties to offer.

Tofu cheesecake was delectable with the accompanying crusty honeycomb which gives a crispy dimension, and the lime jelly which scales down the creaminess of the cake. Paired it with the aromatic Gula Melaka (palm sugar) syrup to enhance the overall sweetness of the dessert.

We absolutely adored the Black Sesame Panna Cotta. The texture was smooth and creamy, with a tad of bounciness. More importantly, the full flavour and nutty taste of black sesame was memorable. 

Chocolate Soil was an interesting dessert which adopts a forest theme. The white meringues represents the mushrooms, while the chocolate praline represents the rocks, together with its 'soil' made of chocolate crusts and ground almonds.

Classic creme brulee is fabulous, but for something different this version is hard to beat. It's a classic creme brulee, except for the delectable addition of Baileys Irish Cream. It has a rich, lovely creamy aroma which is pretty irresistible!

The watermelon cake is one of the best sellers item on the menu. Despite being available only on the weekends, this cake has soon become Root's signature and most requested cake. The reason is simple - this cake is fresh, light, fragrant and pretty! This signature item runs out pretty quickly so I'd suggest you to call up to ask for its availability (like I did) to avoid disappointment.

For non coffee-drinker like myself, I opted for their Mother's Bouquet tea from Harney & Sons, which features hints of Chamomile and Rose.

Root's Dessert Bar is definitely a great place for you to sit back and relax in its bright and cozy environment, with a table of heavenly desserts! I can't wait to go back to try out more desserts - currently eyeing the Rose Cheesecake and Matcha & Milk!


Food 8/10 | Service 4/5 | Ambience 2/3

Overall score: 8/10

Roots Dessert Bar

72, Jalan A.S. Mansoor, Georgetown, 10050, Penang

Business hours: Tuesday to Thursday 12PM - 11PM; Friday 12PM - 12AM; Saturday 11AM - 12AM; Sunday 11AM - 11PM

Contact number: +6 016 414 0603


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