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[Travel Austria] 3 days in Salzburg + Hallstatt

[Travel Austria] 3 days in Salzburg + Hallstatt


Upon arriving, we had lunch at Die Weisse, Austria’s oldest wheat beer brewery (but we were not there for beer, oops, haha!). We enjoyed their “Bratwurst” (grilled sausage) and Wiener schnitzer (I lost count on how many schnitzers we had during our trip in Austria, lol!).

After lunch, we took our time to explore and wander around the city. Salzburg is not big and it is pretty walkable. We loved the quaint and peacefulness of this small town which we could take our time and chill.

Shopping street of Salzburg 👇👇👇


Happened to walked pass this cemetery


This is the cultural highlight in the heart of Salzburg city. This huge complex consists of museum, palace and cathedral. With 15,000 magnificent square meters and 2000 stunning exhibits across 1300 years, DomQuartier can be experienced as a continuous tour, allowing an exciting historical walk through the former prince-archbishopric center of power with its varied history, unique architecture and important art treasures. And did I say amazing views of the city is included?

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The amazing Salzburg Cathedral 👇👇👇

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Opening hours: Daily except Tuesday - 10am till 5pm (last entrance at 4pm)

Official website: https://www.domquartier.at/en/


Domplatz Christmas Market

During the month of December, there is Christmas market at Domplatz which is the cathedral square in the city. Look at all the beautiful and lovely ornaments!

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Please do yourself a favour and visit Hallstatt when you are in Austria! Hallstatt is the icon of Austria and it indeed lives up to its reputation.

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I’d definitely recommend heading to Hallstatt from Salzburg instead of Vienna as that journey takes a much longer time and will be more tiring as well. We opted for a day trip to Hallstatt but if you have more time and would like to immerse yourself in the beauty of the village, I’d suggest staying one night there.

Brother and I ❤

Other than the village itself, Hallstatt has more than that to offer. However, if you wish to visit their attractions such as the salt mine, skywalk or five fingers, come during seasons when the weather and sky are clear (NOT winter). Some attractions are closed during winter months and the view is not visible due to heavy fog and thick snow during winter. We went up to skywalk (I think that’s the only attraction opened at that time) via the funicular and we could not see a thing from the viewing platform haha! But we got to enjoy playing with/in snow and took some amazing winter shots!

No view haha!

Hallstatt is beautiful in its own way in different season. Although we went during winter and did not manage to visit the popular world’s oldest salt mines, we reckon the view of Hallstatt during winter was absolutely charming. And yes, I will be back again to experience its beauty in a different season.

How to get to Hallstatt from Salzburg and vice versa.

There are a few transportation options from Salzburg to Hallstatt. After a thorough research, we decided on the following option (cheaper option too):

Salzburg ➡ Hallstatt

  1. Take bus no.150 from bus stop F in front of Salzburg main train station to Bad Ischl train station (I bought my bus and train tickets from the ticket kiosk inside the train station terminal).

  2. Arrive at Bad Ischl train station after approximately 1.5 hours, then take Regional Express 3412 train (end destination Stainach-Irdning) to Hallstatt train station.

  3. From Hallstatt train station, take the ferry across to the village. Just follow the crowd to the ferry and someone will sell you the ferry tickets on board. If you plan to return to Salzburg by train, you may as well purchase the return ferry ticket right away.

  4. Total travel time should be about 2 hours 15 minutes.

Hallstatt ➡ Salzburg

The best connection for the return journey to Salzburg after a rewarding day in Hallstatt is via train.

  1. You can check the return ferry timetable upon arriving in Hallstatt (the timetable is stick on the wall of a small hut for reference) and gauge your connection timing with the train.

  2. Take the ferry across to Hallstatt train station, then take Regional Express 3427 (end destination Vienna) to Attnang Puchheim (train tickets may be purchased online via oebb.at/en or can be purchased at the train station - I’d suggest pre-purchasing your tickets as you do not want to rush through your journey and risk missing the train in case there is a large crowd.

  3. From Attnang Puchheim, take the Railjet 740 to Salzburg.

  4. You will arrive in Salzburg main train station after a total travel time of approximately 2.5 hours.



Mirabell Palace

Fans of “Sound of Music” would know about this popular place in Salzburg, where they shot this favourite classic movie of all. It is also listed as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. As much as it is an interesting place to visit, I must say winter is not the best season to visit Mirabell palace as the gardens would be pretty much bold by then, haha! Some parts of the palace are also closed during the months of winter. However, we still managed to capture some amazing shots, heehee!


St. Peter’s cemetery is the oldest cemetery in the Austrian city of Salzburg. It has a catacomb which requires Euro2 admission fee but this one is pretty small scaled compared to the one I visited in Vienna (http://bit.ly/3daysinvienna).

The entrance to the catacombs

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Lunch: St. Peter Restaurant

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  • The oldest restaurant in Europe!

  • Located within the walls of St. Peter Abbey.

  • Definitely one of the most charming restaurants in Salzburg.

  • Food is good but service and friendliness could be improved 🙄

Very yummy mushroom truffle risotto!

Hohensalzburg Fortress

After lunch, we headed to Hohensalzburg Fortress, which sits atop Festungsberg, a small hill in Salzburg. It is one of the largest medieval castles in Europe and situated at an altitude of 506m. The highlight of this place is definitely the spectacular view from the fortress and we could stay up there all day just admiring the views. The interior and the surrounding were alright but frankly, not as amazing as I thought it would be.

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We got to the castle via the funicular which runs every 10 mins (tickets can be purchased at the foot of the hill, where the funicular station is) or if one is physically fit, you may walk to the castle in 30 minutes time.

Official website: http://www.hohensalzburgcastle.com/

Dinner: Imlauer Skybar

It is rated #1 restaurant in Salzburg on Tripadvisor. A pretty restaurant with a separate drinking space, service was impeccable but food was a tad too salty. To be honest, I expected better food for its #1 ranking on Tripadvisor


  • Next to the train station (but not noisy at all) - makes it very convenient for doing day trips like Hallstatt.

  • Walking distance to city center - Salzburg is small and the city is very walkable.

  • Comfortable and spacious room.

  • Very strategic location near to McDonalds, grocery store and shops.

  • If I were to go back to Salzburg, I will stay here again!

Till next time~

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