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Tankoya Yakiniku Japanese BBQ @ Fettes 10 Tanjung Tokong Penang

Tankoya Yakiniku Japanese BBQ @ Fettes 10 Tanjung Tokong Penang

I have not visited Tankoya Yakiniku, which has been around for a while until a friend's recommendation. According to this friend, the beef tongue in this restaurant is to die for. What he didn't tell me was the ridiculously small portion with hefty price tag (we shall come back to this later on).

Tankoya Yakiniku Penang

Tanya Yakiniku is a Japanese BBQ restaurant located in the neighbourhood of Fettes Park, Tanjung Tokong. It is one of the restaurants along the shop lots at the relatively new building - Fettes 10 opposite of Prima Tanjung.

Tankoya Yakiniku Penang

This restaurant serves a selection of meat for BBQ. They also have set meals available for individual serving. For those who prefer soupy dish, you can opt for their shabu-shabu.

As our intention was to try their beef tongue and beef tongue is not included in any of their set meals, we decided to order ale-carte.

Tankoya Yakiniku Penang

There are 3 grades of beef tongue - regular, prime and premium (thick cut), and we went for the premium beef tongue. The dish came in 6 thick pieces for the price of MYR39. I will let you judge whether the price is expensive.

File 15-05-2017, 6 30 14 PM.jpeg

I love the marination of salt on the beef tongue and with the touch of lemon juice, it gives the tongue a better kick in taste. It was good but did not blow me away.

Tanya Yakiniku Penang pork neck

We decided to order the Japan black pork neck to try something different instead of the 'customary' pork belly for BBQ. The pork neck was delicious but cut in very small pieces. Again, MYR39 for that portion, not cheap.

Tankoya Yakiniku Penang wagyu misuse
Tankoya Yakiniku Penang wagyu misuse

The 'star' of the meal was next - Wagyu misuji. Misuji is an exquisitely marbled and tender cut located near the corner of the shoulder. The meat was tender as expected and with strong flavour as well. It was good but did not wow me. MYR 199.00 for a mere 100gram of meat I think.

For the poor portion of the BBQ meat, we did not feel even half full (well, we are big eaters) so we ordered a stone pot bibimbap and an Unagi-Don to fill our stomach.

Their stone pot bibimbap is ok - nothing to shout about (MYR 22.00)

I apologise for the bad photo though - This is what happens when you entrust a guy i.e. my brother (sorry for being sexist) to snap a photo for you while you are busy turning the meat on the BBQ, worrying that it might go burnt. But he on the other end decided to quickly (in fact, simply) press the shutter button and tell you its all good, pfft.

Tankoya Yakiniku Penang unagi-don

I enjoyed my bowl of unagi-don (MYR 43.00). The fish was soft and fresh, and the sauce compliments the whole dish very well.


Overall it is good but unfortunately did not impress me enough. Partly due to its steep price tag which doesn't give me a positive correlation with its food quality. I guess that explains why we were the only customers in the restaurant that day?

The service was not exceptional as well (I do expect very good service with the price I pay, makes sense?). No one bothered to keep the BBQ grill away after we were done and the heat from the fire was blowing into our faces. It would also be better if there was someone to assist with the BBQ. We experienced a few of burnt pieces as we couldn't gauge the fire strength (you can call us noob, lol).

Having said that, MAYBE I will go back for their set lunches or set meals which are priced more reasonably.

Tankoya Yakiniku Penang


50D-1, Jalan Fettes, Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Penang

Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday 12-2.30PM ; 6pm-10.30PM

Tel: +6 04 899 6363


Food 6.5/10 | Service 3.5/5 | Ambience 2/3 | Price $$$

Overall score: 6.7/10

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