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The Lunch Lady @ Saigon, Vietnam

The Lunch Lady @ Saigon, Vietnam

This particular street food stall - Lunch Lady was brought to fame after its exposure on famous food critic, Anthony Bordain’s show. Nonetheless, The Lunch Lady was and still is popular for locals in the neighborhood. It has a seemingly ‘omakase’ (it means ‘leave it to the chef’ in Japanese ) concept where she serves only one noodle dish per day; and rotates her menu on a weekly basis. Hence, you eat what she cooks on the day you visit the stall. Isn’t that an interesting idea?!

So we went on a Friday and we later found out that Friday is apparently their most famous day when they serve their bowl of delicious and hearty Bun Bo Hue.

Other than the signature noodle dish of the day, they also serve some side dishes to fill you up. Upon arriving, we were served with steamed and fried spring rolls, and some prawn crackers too. Feel free to return the dish if you think you won’t be able to finish them, like we did. Although the prawn crackers looked tempting, we decided to return it, afraid that we may not be able to finish our food.

Finally the star dish arrived and we couldn’t wait to taste it. Along with the usual raw basil, cilantro and bean sprouts, we also received blanched water morning glory and banana flower, which makes this dish even more interesting!

The broth of the Bun Bo Hue was lovely and filled with a smooth beef flavor. With a layer of thin red oil, it gave a slight hint of spiciness; and after garnishing the necessary, it turned out to be a wonderful well rounded broth.

The Lunch Lady is not located exactly in the city center thus I would recommend taking a cab or Uber over. The stall is unpretentious but makes you feel very local with the low dining tables and chairs.

The Lunch Lady Menu (sourced from http://vietnamcoracle.com):

Monday - Bun Thai : A classic Thai noodle soup

Tuesday - bun Moc : A Vietnamese noodle dish, typically made with a pork broth flavored with shiitake mushrooms, crispy shallots, and pepper

Wednesday - ca ri ga : Vietnamese chicken curry

Thursday - bun mam : A fermented thick Vietnamese vermicelli soup (fish base broth)

Friday - bun bo Hue : Spicy Vietnamese beef noodle soup

Saturday - banh canh cua : A crab tapioca noodle soup packed with fresh crab and shrimp flavours

Sunday - bun rieu : A traditional Vietnamese pork & crab noodle soup (tomato and crab base broth)

The Lunch Lady was also featured in my Saigon's street food list.

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The Lunch Lady

Address: Hẻm D Chung Cư Nguyễn Đình C, Đa Kao, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

Business hours: 11AM - 3:30PM daily


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Com Tam Ba Ghien @ Saigon, Vietnam

Com Tam Ba Ghien @ Saigon, Vietnam

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