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The View, A Fine Dining Restaurant in Hotel Equatorial Penang [Official launch of New Menu 2018]

The View, A Fine Dining Restaurant in Hotel Equatorial Penang [Official launch of New Menu 2018]

What's better than indulging yourself with fine French cuisine complemented with a panoramic view of the island's magnificent coastline?

The renowned Hotel Equatorial Penang should not be novel to many and for food enthusiasts, their fine dining restaurant 'The View' may not need further introduction. For those who have not checked out this place, you totally should!

With the launch of the new menu recently, 'The View' elevated their dining experience with a touch of modernity and creativity. Led by Chef Looi Soon Lee and his team in the restaurant, under the supervision of over 18 years experienced Chef Horst Kocsisek who oversees the whole kitchen team in the hotel, you may expect a fresh culinary journey along with delicate flavours and stunning culinary presentations. Each dish is created with a unique flair.

I was honoured to be invited to the official launch of new menu last week and I shall hereby share my dining experience with you all. 

Let us start with the ambiance. I felt very comfortable in the restaurant's cozy and romantic atmosphere. Our table was finely set up with an electric blue runner and dried petals - I just love how the colours contrast. Combining with a beautiful view and some lovely music being played throughout the night, we could't have enjoyed ourselves better.

Without further ado, let's get to the spotlight - FOOD! Diners have the options of ordering A La Carte Dinner or go for the Semi-Buffet Dinner.

Before I show you what we had for the night, let me show you their wide array of appetizers and desserts if you are opting for the semi-buffet dinner.

For diners who prefer to go for a la carte dinner, here are some highlighted dishes we sampled for your reference.

Cold Appetizer: Seared tuna with green lentils

We started off with tuna with couscous and orange, lemongrass reduction. The freshness of the tuna and the zesty hint from the orange was a refreshing way to start off our meal for the evening.

Hot Appetizer: French goose liver

One of my favourite food in the world- foie gras! Air-flown directly from France, "This is one of the best Foie Gras you can ever find in Penang" according to F&B director, Albert. The smoothness of foie gras paired with the crunchiness of the pear compote or melba toast, makes a wonderful texture and concoction. 

Soup: Bean curd and wild mushroom morrel broth

The sweet and robust flavour of the soup made me wanted more! I really like this one. I still remember vividly of the rich taste of the soup. A great dish to warm up the tummy before the main course!

Main course: Grilled grain fed beef tenderloin with Szechuan pepper and polenta

Whenever I receive my steak, first thing I do is to check the doneness (because that is REALLY important to me). 'The view' definitely scored it with perfect medium-rare doneness. Besides that, I would say this is an interesting fusion combo which brings out an exotic flavour, with a hint of spiciness from the szechuan pepper and the aroma from the beef.

Dessert: Low fat chocolate tofu cheese cake with berry

Our sweet ending was lovely and satisfying to call off the beautiful evening.

White chocolate Bonbons

Assorted chocolates

That concludes our 5 course dinner of the evening. We definitely had a wonderful time and I look forward to trying more exciting dishes at 'The View' soon!

A big thank you to the kitchen team behind all the fantastic food!

Left: General Manager, Andreas Knussi ; Right: Director of F&B, Albert Jan Van Beusekom

Attached below is the new menu and e-flyer for your reference.

New Menu PDF : https://penang.equatorial.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/9/2014/10/2018-03-08_theview_alacarte-semibuffet_menu2018.pdf

More information:


Address: 1, Jalan Bukit Jambul Bayan Lepas, 11900 Penang, Malaysia

Business hours: Daily, 6.30pm - 10.00pm

For reservation: +60 4 632 7000

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