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Czech out the Top 11 things to do when you are in Prague!

Czech out the Top 11 things to do when you are in Prague!

"Prague isn't just a city, but an entity of some kind." - Sezin Koehler

The capital city of Czech Republic - Prague, is well known for its Gothic style cathedrals, unique medieval architecture, and colourful baroque buildings. Its historic city center was even listed in the UNESCO list of world heritage. There was once someone told me, "Prague is so beautiful, even the road is pretty!". That, is very true. I still remember the charming cobblestone streets with incredible designs and patterns. This makes up one of the reasons why Prague is such a stunning city not only for its popular attractions, but the ambience of the entire city. Read on, and you will know why Prague is totally worthy to visit!

Here are the top 11 things to do when you visit Prague. The last one is my favourite!!!

Old Town Square

This must be one of the most beautiful historical sights in Europe. Located between Wenceslas Square and the Charles Bridge, Old Town Square is a historic square in Prague and I would say this is where the true heart of Prague beats. There you will find the elegant tower of town hall with the world famous astronomical clock (sadly it was under construction when I visited), the fairytale-like Tyn Church, along with stylish multicoloured shops and houses to give this place an exclusive atmosphere. Christmas market is also held here and I was totally soaked up in the festive atmosphere with all the Christmassy stalls and hearty food around.


Church of Our Lady before Tyn

Our jaws dropped the moment we stepped into the church - period. The photo does not do it justice at all. You HAVE TO see this for yourself. The beauty of this church was way beyond expectation and I think it was one of the most beautiful and grandest churches I have visited during my 2 weeks / 3 countries trip. You are able to see the silhouette of this charming church at the old town square. We took sometime to figure the entrance to this church as there was no apparent sign or direction. The building looks like it is situated behind the shops but you could enter the church from the entrance beside 'Restorante Caffe Italia'. Entrance is free but donation is welcomed. 


Charles Bridge

You have not been to Prague if you have not been to Charles Bridge. Taking a stroll on Charles Bridge must be tourists' favourite thing to do in Prague. This gothic bridge connects the Old Town and Lesser Town (aka Mala Strana). The bridge is also decorated by 30 (replica) statues, most of them in baroque style, overlooking the picturesque view. My advice is to come here early (especially during summer months) to avoid squeezing with the crowd. Another tip is to keep an eye on your belongings as pickpocketing is very common on Charles Bridge as the pickpockets take advantage of the overwhelming crowd to enable them to get lost in sight.


Mala Strana (Lesser Town)

If you are spending a day at the castle district, there is no reason you should miss out Mala Strana, translated to "Lesser Town", which is just located around the foothills of Prague Castle. Do not be misled by its name though, this part of the area is definitely not "lesser". Other than being very picturesque especially with its hidden streets and cobblestone squares, ancient houses and churches, Mala Strana is home to many sights, restaurants, small shops and bars. Its quiet and charming neighbourhood is filled with lovely architectures and it is perfect for travellers who prefer to stay out of the heart of tourist district yet within reach to major attractions.

πŸ‘‰πŸΌ Recommended cafe / restaurant in Mala Strana: St. Martin πŸ’―


John Lennon Wall

If you are thinking of a cool and Instagram worthy picture, definitely head to Lennon Wall. The colourful wall will guaratee a splash of lively colours on your social media wall(s). Apart from being a favourite for photo junkies, this wall is to remember John Lennon after his murder in year 1980. The wall is now filled with John Lennon inspired graffiti and pieces of lyrics from Beatles' songs, contributed by artists from all over the world.


Prague Castle

No trip to Prague is complete without a visit to Prague Castle and also for its magnificent panoramic view and the most recognizable Gothic landmark, the St. Vitus Cathedral. Prague castle is a large complex which made up of historical palaces, offices, church and fortification buildings, gardens and picturesque spots. You may think you need to pay to visit Prague Castle, but we did not spend a single cent yet we managed to take in the essence of the castle. Here are some tips to save on your budget during your visit to Prague Castle. Kindly take note these are solely my personal opinions. You may go ahead to explore more and pay for an admission fee if you wish. 

  • For a charming panoramic view, you do not need to pay to get to the Great South Tower of St. Vitus Cathedral. For a similar view, the upper veranda of Starbucks cafe can definitely do a good job. There, you could easily immerse yourself with spectacular views of Prague for hours. No wonder it was voted as one of the best Starbucks offering one of the most beautiful views in the world!
  • The front part of St. Vitus Cathedral is free of charge whereas the historical part (which is located at the inner part of the church) is only accessible with a valid ticket. We did not opt for the option as we personally felt that the exterior was better than the interior (in terms of outlook), and we could pretty much have the whole feel of the interior from the "free area" already.
  • Golden Lane is one of the top sights at Prague Castle. It is a street built in the 16th century, to house Rudolf II's castle guards. It then takes its name from the goldsmiths who stayed there in the 17th century. We googled some of its images and thought it is basically a street filled with colourful small shops and houses along it. Also, we thought 10 Euros was a bit steep for a colourful street hence we forwent that. However, as I did not personally experience that place, I am not in no position to say it is definitely not worth going. If you would like to tick that off your bucket list, then by all means, please do.
  • Other entrance fees are for palaces and historical exhibitions, which we knew we would not have much interest in. If you are a history lover or museum goer, consider going for the guided tour where you will be able to know about the story and history behind this castle.

For me, the highlights of Prague Castle would definitely be the gorgeous jaw-drop panoramic view, the exotic Gothic design and architects of St. Vitus Cathedral and some picturesque spots you could find there.


Vysehrad Castle

Often known as the "other" castle in Prague, Vysehrad is a historic fort which was built on a hill over the Vltava River. The reason it is loved is because it is much less crowded than Prague Castle and is best suited for travellers who prefer a peaceful walk. With its location on a rocky promontory, stunning views of Prague is offered from this castle.

The highlights of Vysehrad Castle would be the Neo-Gothic church called the "Basillica of St. Peter and St. Paul", and the Vysehrad Cemetery and its famous tomb Slavin. To get into the essence of the place, you need to take a walk through the huge, beautiful park. It was winter when we visited and the park was covered with snow, what magical scene!


Dancing House

I would say this is the most daring and uniquely shaped building in Prague. Although called "Dancing House", this building is not a dance theatre or a place for dancing. The name was derived from an inspiration to build a dynamically looking building that seems to be dancing on the quay. It represents two dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, with the stone tower symbolises Fred Astaire and the glass tower symbolises his partner Ginger Rogers. The top floor of the Dancing House opens up to one of the city's leading restaurants namely "Ginger & Fred Restaurant", offering magnificent views over Prague.


Original Beer Spa & Czech Beer

It is no surprise that drinking beer is a popular pastime in Prague. So beer lovers out there, you have come to the right place! It is safe to say the Czechs drink more beer than water on a daily basis. That's true, because at every restaurant that I went in, I saw nearly everyone was holding a pint of beer. And when your love for beer has come to a certain level, it's time to 'upgrade' it to the next level - bathing in beer, how cool is that!

Beer Spa Prague is the place for you to soak and relax yourself in a whirlpool royal oak tub filled with beer, along with other natural ingredients like hops, brewer's yeast and malt. During the beer spa session, home-made beer bread is served and here comes the best part - UNLIMITED consumption of light and dark Krusovice beer, how dope! Rest on a bed of wheat straw after the bath to encourage the absorption of all vitamins and extracts from the preceding bath. 

Currently, there are 3 branches of Original Beer Spa in Prague. For more information : https://www.beerspa.com/


Have the best ice-cream at Creme de la Creme

I know ice cream is not so much of a Prague thing but really, if you want to take a break from the shopping or explorer walk in Old Town Square, do yourself a favour and head to this cute and cozy gelato bar - Creme de la Creme. We had passion fruit and lavender (not the best combo I know, lol) and they were one of the best I have had so far, simply love it!


Snap A LOT of beautiful and stylish street photography!

Yes, like mentioned above, with the beautiful cobblestoned streets and the charming environment, grab this opportunity to snap away all the insta-worthy photos! You won't regret it ;) If you would love to see more beautiful photos of Prague, make sure to check out my IG account HERE❗️

Also czech out my accommodation in Prague πŸ‘‰πŸΌ Hotel Sovereign Prague

Reasons I chose this awesome hotel:

  • Centrally and strategically located - within walking distance to all major attractions
  • Modern hotel with beautiful interior and comfortable bed
  • Courteous and friendly hospitality
  • Very well heated and you don't have to worry about freezing out of the shower during winter
  • Delicious breakfast! And that's quite a big thing to me!

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