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Yik Sun Hakka Mee 益生客家面 & Egg Tart King 蛋挞王 @ Ipoh, Malaysia

Yik Sun Hakka Mee 益生客家面 & Egg Tart King 蛋挞王 @ Ipoh, Malaysia

Yik Sun Hakka Mee is a no-frills coffee shop located behind of our hotel, along with other coffee shops around. Other than selling Hakka noodles, they sell beef soup too, which is my favourite type of meat. Wondering how hakka noodles and beef soup work together, we walked into this cozy, quaint coffee shop.

The menu is simple. Hakka noodles is the main carbo intake here with side serving of your choice in clear soup. We ordered their signature combination which is dry Hakka noodles with a bowl of beef soup, plus a bowl of assorted balls soup.

I must say the side serving soup stole the limelight of the noodles. The soup tasted sweet from the flavourful beef broth and chopped coriander, delicious! Although slices of lean beef were served, the texture was surprisingly tender and so effortless to chew. But we are not crossing out the possibility of the use of tenderiser in my personal opinion. However, the flavourful and tender beef slices played well with the springy hakka noodles, giving a contrast in texture. Nevertheless, the meat balls are great too! Dip them in your self-mixed garlic chilli sauce to enhance the kick! 

Be sparing on the garlic though before you find yourself bursting in heat, I have warned you.

We finished our meal with 'Egg-tart King' Portuguese tart which sells under the same roof. The egg tarts were light yet creamy, warm and flaky. I am a die-hard fan of Portuguese egg tart!

If you love beef and are looking for a quick and no-frills meal, this is the place to go. Oh and did I say the best thing about this place is you can keep yourself from those crowded touristy outlets (I am sure you know which ones, don't you?)

Yik Sun Hakka Mee 益生客家面

4, Jalan Panglima, 31650, Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 7AM - 1.30PM

*I am not sure if it opens for dinner though I read some information online saying that it does. However, we tried to go over for dinner on one of the days but it was not open so I'd suggest you to call ahead to confirm the opening times*

Contact number: +6 012 521 2389


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Pak Kong Chicken Rice 白宫鸡饭 @ Jalan Theatre, Ipoh

Pak Kong Chicken Rice 白宫鸡饭 @ Jalan Theatre, Ipoh

Aun Kheng Lim Salted Chicken 宴琼林盐焗鸡 @ Jalan Theatre, Ipoh

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