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Yuan Wei Restaurant 圆味粥面馆 @ Lebuh Cintra, Georgetown Penang

Yuan Wei Restaurant 圆味粥面馆 @ Lebuh Cintra, Georgetown Penang

It seems like it's becoming more and more challenging to find food that is made from scratch. Part of it is due to the cost effectiveness and the amount of work involved into getting the food ready. Yuan Wei Restaurant definitely has a different idea. This restaurant has recently opened on Cintra Street, in the Penang UNESCO area with a surprising amount of parking lots available around it.

Yuan Wei Restaurant serves mostly soup based noodles, which is their signature dish, and their popular congee. What makes this restaurant great is the soup base they use to make the individual dishes. Their soup base is made fresh everyday by cooking an abundance of premium ingredients for a whopping 10 hours continuously to create this amazing soup essence. They are also popular for their grouper fish which is freshly delivered every morning for maximum freshness!

Thank you Yuan Wei Restaurant for extending the invitation!

Now down to business, we had the chance to try out quite a number of dishes.

Fish Congee

The congee was served together with sliced grouper which compliments the congee perfectly. The taste of congee is refreshing and sweet as not much favouring was added. The base of the congee is of course that amazing soup base that makes it so great. The way they prepare the congee is still using the traditional way, constant stirring to prevent it from sticking to the bottom of the pot, at the same time create a thick silky smooth congee. Everyday, the chef will cook a big pot of congee and it's limited to only that portion for the day, so whilst stock last, daily.


Spicy and Sour Bihun Soup

The spicy and sour broth reminds me of the clear tom yam soup as similar ingredients such as lemongrass, lime and chilli were used. Strong hints of lemongrass and chilli made this dish extremely addictive and tasty! 


Fresh Milk Bihun Soup

Their fresh milk bihun soup was lip smacking! With added ingredients to make the soup fragrant and with a sour kick, it compliments the taste perfectly without overpowering the fragrant and creaminess of the milk. This dish is served with fried grouper fish. One thing I did realise was the fried grouper they make does not have much flour coating, which is good as you'll be getting quite chunky fish instead of fluffy flour.


Tom Yam Maggi Soup

Tom yam maggi would be most people's comfort food including mine. This tom yam broth didn't give me a head-on spiciness, instead, the spiciness kicked in later. The soup base is tasty, with the aroma of kaffir lime leaves, sour enough and best of all is a well balance between fragrance and spiciness.


Crispy Fried Fish

The crispy fried fish worked very well with the tom yam and will definitely work really really well with beer. Perhaps the Koreans have their fried chicken with beer and we can have our fried fish with beer instead? This deep fried fish is very crispy on the outside and juicy inside. The only part that is not edible would be its spinal bone.

 Kindly take note the portion we had for this dish was a tasting portion not the actual portion, which is bigger.


Bitter Gourd Egg

Bitter gourd egg is my all time favourite! I could have this for days and still be having it. Yuan Wei Restaurant prepared this perfectly, with thinly sliced bitter gourd and half-cooked egg with a touch of soy sauce. Surprisingly, this bitter gourd is not bitter with its way of cooking. I have tried many times to make this at home with little to no success unfortunately. Anyway, this dish is to die for for bitter gourd lover or even non bitter gourd lover like my brother.

There are also a variety of mouth-watering side dishes to complement your meal.


Curry Fish Ball with Chinese crullers (or you call it 'you tiao')

Curry fish ball is no stranger to everyone but dipping the Chinese crullers into curry sauce is indeed interesting. We tasted this creation and felt like we were having Chinese style Roti Canai, delicious!

Kindly take note the portion we had for this dish was a tasting portion not the actual portion, which is bigger.


Golden Pork Ribs

This well-marinated deep fried pork ribs were absolutely appetising and works well as a side dish. The ribs were golden and crisp, every bite was delicious!


Kopi-O & Barley


This is definitely one of the restaurants that I would visit when I feel like having a hearty comfort meal!

I've attached the menu here for your reference. Do take note they are still updating their menu to include more side dishes.

Yuan Wei Restaurant boasts a bright and comfortable dining environment


59, Cintra Street, 10100, Penang, Malaysia

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 9AM - 10PM

Contact number: +6 04 264 2828

Yuan Wei Restaurant Facebook Page


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